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The Philippines is cannot be easily identified as a nation possessing fragile democracy or strong republic. As the promise of democracy was granted, it does not reassure us a true democratic nation because of the different factors that contributed to its weakening, thus I firmly believe that the Philippines does not have a strong republic because democracy is not on its highest level. The Philippines calls itself a democracy since most of the citizens are able to express their various rights, express their collective decisions, and there is a government in which the power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly, but for me it is just a wasted democracy since not everyone benefits on it. Poor people who constitute the majority of Philippine society are being under the elites who control the democracy they possessed. It started from the time we were colonized by the Spaniards up to the time we achieved the independence with the aid of Americans. The democracy is already in our hands but the continuous insurgencies poisoned the democratic base of the country. Instead of just focusing on the communist groups who wanted to prevail in the country, the government itself is also a problem and one of the proofs are the People Power Revolutions that happened just to overthrow the head of the nation, that is why it is very hard to assume that we have strong democracy since those problems are in front of us at the moment America acquired the independence for us, but I believe that international support is the strength of Philippine democracy but we are so dependent to them that we forgot our own values. We are blinded by Western values and because of that we are easily manipulated and if they helped us, we are already taking into consideration that we have this debt of gratitude to the country that helped us like for instance Japan, America, and Australia gave their helping hands in dealing terrorism in our country.

Philippines has fragile democracy, that is why I cannot say that we have strong republic because just looking in our economy we can already state if we have it or not. In my point of view economy is the strength of the country and given that poverty is very rampant in our country, we cannot say that all of the Filipinos have high standards of living. Many of the Filipinos have no capacity to sustain the food they need every day, and also, not everyone has appropriate jobs to earn money and use it for managing their lives. Another, the word republic stresses the democratic context in which state strength is to be nurtured. Filipinos have chosen democracy, after ousting a dictator in 1986, in the hope that it would guarantee that required public choices will be made responsibly to people’s demands and the requirements of the economy but people in the upper class continued to hamper the progress and most of the politicians involved themselves on corruption, so no matter how hard foreign countries to extend their help to us it will take time for the Philippines to obtain strong republic because it is rooted on the politics and if the political instability will not be resolved, the democracy and the economy will be affected and therefore, it will weakened the Philippine Republic. It is already in our hands, Lapu-Lapu defeated Magellan, many Filipinos suffered in the American-Japanese War, it is a great sacrifice and now our only task is to make the democracy strong to achieve a strong republic. It will not happen if we still do not manage the diversity in our county. We are one nation but we are divided, and yes our government has the responsibility in making reforms to make the democracy well-built in but they cannot do that alone, unity is the solution so that our democracy will be strong and we are entitled to strong republic.-jspj-


Block the Black

Black would be pleasing to other sight for the reason that it can be merged with any color without being dreary or hamming anything up. Black is most of the trash bags’ color where one usually exploits to clear up the land in able to stay in a warm place of white. Finally, black could be so hazardous that in some ways it can totally have the competency to switch one color to another.

Different captivating colors are use in every advertisement especially when vast transformation is very near to come. Orange, yellow, red, and green, who do you think has the guts to wrestle the potent black? Choosing for a fighter who can lead every Filipino towards the immaculate society should not be like asking your friend to buy you a candy which is so easy especially if the price is low. If you need to splurge hours contemplating about what name should you write on the ballot then do so because those hours could be years of impairment if you fail to go for a color that can trounce black.

When setbacks occur, certainly there are some who will blame the government but could you consider the fact that HE already bestowed us everything, all the endowment and skills but humans are the ones who don’t foster it. Yes, we are all identical but we used to be unique because we have various modes to care for what HE provided.

If there’s a light appearing in front of people then most of them will remain on their beds and delight in the feeling of doing nothing to get hold of whatever chance life has been giving to them. On the other hand, if there’s no any offer just a pure black then they tend to grasp some light to those who perspired just to attain the goodness of life.

Hands which HE assiduously and meticulously accomplished are suddenly covered up with nothing but the rubbish from the black bags. Black from the hands will shift until it reaches the whole body, the mind, and unfortunately the heart. How could these hands barely realize that nothing is out of reach? Just move some more.


As the year change the news in televisions seems like no progress at all. More negative news, less affirmative news, that’s the life of news channels. Over and over, same things are proceeding. Killing there, harassing here, trash talking there, stealing here. Could these people doing it are not getting exhausted of being on screen? Or people want to replicate what they have seen? If it’s like that then what He have done for us could be so absurd. HE sacrificed to rescue us from sins but these people are sacrificing their lives to get the lives of others, it may be their possessions or their real lives.


Holdup is one of the criminal acts that is very crazy, irrational, and foolish. That is totally black. Of all, I’m blogging about this because I can’t take knowing that it was done to one of the closest person in my heart. We are given the ability to achieve whatever stuff we wanted but some are really impatient and wanted everything in instant. Threatening someone then shoot, gets everything out of a person who determinedly did everything just to have it.


How could these criminals take a deep breath and bravely do something ruthless to others? In other way, look how fearless they were to do it but in actions which are so moral like finding their own jobs to reach for their dreams, they are being so timid.

Victims of hold ups are propitious if they were not killed beside of getting all of their bits and pieces. Lucky my chum because another door is open. If that black hands conquer my chum’s whole then maybe this will mark as a day when I will be full of regrets for not spending the hours of bliss with my chum.

In some ways, those black things leave a message. Letting these blacks enter one’s life then absolutely another life would be wretch. So you’d better not let these blacks to take place before apprehending what you supposed to feel and do.

I alleged to have another episode of my existence without my chum but now I can’t because I now know how it feels to be so shocked, worried, and hated myself before reading the message that my friend is now all right.

Sometimes blacks will come but in a very bad way but as I perceive, along with it is a white that figures out why it happened. Having too many colors in your life will surely have an opposite attraction, which could be a doomsday for you, a day when blacks will come out without any pity at all. So rather use a pencil, even without color, you can still write the direction of your life, or draw your imaginations that lead to your extraordinary dreams, and lastly color your everyday with the power to erase if ever you’ve done something amiss.

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