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Bubble Tea


Around 8:30PM last July 25,2012, we had a quick preparation to celebrate the19th birthday of Jo at Bubble Tea, Tomas Morato. Since she is kinda fond of Milktea and Bubble Tea’s different kinds of food that make you drool, she chose to bring us there. Bubble Tea is known here in Manila for its two-in-one purpose, you can EAT+DRINK. They are offering rolls, sushi, sashimi, pizza, pasta, burgers and many more! When it comes to drinks, of course their Tea originated in Taiwan, milkshakes with pearls also, and many kinds of smoothies.

Actually, it was as if we rented the place because if you were there I guess you will be pissed off with our hell-raising laughter, and since we are all loudmouthed people, I guess you will request us to pipe down.Anyway, It just came to show that Bubble Tea is a cozy spot for teens like us, for circle of friends who wants to unwind, for young peeps who just want to be themselves.

So the way for tummy’s happiness and Jo’s start of her last Teen is definitely on!

Here’s the birthday girl on her Orange outfit! I did not able to capture her whole get-up but guys you know what, she was soo sexy that night with The Ramp’s top!

Time for you to get jelly! Food will blast in one…two…three…

Jo ordered Mocha, Strawberry, and Taro Milk Shakes but of course I preferred Strawberries:”)



Now, Let us all roll with the ROLLS!





As usual, group pic will not be forgotten. Sayang kasi if the one who took that photo stepped lil backward, I think he will be able to capture the cutiepie spot in Bubble Tea where we decided to dine. It was like a mini room with pillows, very very comfy.


After enjoying what Bubble offered, we did everything just to be included in jo’s picture. Here you can definitely understand the meaning of “flexibility”.

Finally, here’s the picture of the birthday celebrant who I think can never live without a kooky picture.


Another night passed by with my sisterfriends. Another year for Jo to learn and experience lots of things that life is offering.

Thankyou Bubble Tea for that astounding menu and place you have. We love the food so much and made some of us forget that they are on a diet! We will visit your other branches too!

So for those who are not yet visiting the place, hurry now and may Bubbles be with you.



No Birthday Greetings!!!

July 25 was supposed to be SOMEONE’s special day but from the moment she woke up until she left for school, she did not receive any greetings from her two special friends, basically because her two friends were still cotton to the dreamland.

When two of her friends woke up, the other greeted her and even posted on Facebook a photo with sweet notes but what happened to the other friend?She was already awake but still she did not greet this SOMEONE not because she was tied up but simply because she planned not to greet this SOMEONE. This friend of SOMEONE usually post  pictures on Facebook and tagged the one who is celebrating his/her birthday but still SOMEONE did not find any or did not even receive a text message. So what do you think is the reason? Is SOMEONE’s friend has anger or any grudge with SOMEONE or there was more reasonable plan?

Since I already set the mode of curiosity, I think it’s time to reveal the story and characters behind this very epic “Birthday Greeting”.

Let me now introduce to you the SOMEONE who celebrated her birthday, who waited for I guess 10 minutes for her friends to wake up just to hear candied words, and who was the main reason why SOMEONE’s friend did not greet her on her special day.


SOMEONE is named as Jo Avery Lucas Matias who just turned 19.

One of Jo’s friends who did not greet her early as she woke up will also be revealed. Actually, she is not just Jo’s friend, but half-sister, and Yaya. Yah they call each other as “Yaya”, and many people hearing that seem to be so curious why, but even me, I don’t know if who is the one who is really telling the truth, who is the real YAYA? They have been friends for so long and I think if one of them is a guy, they will be vowing in the church with the words, “through thick and thin”, because seriously, you will see how tight their relationship is and the fact that they are not having serious quarrels because they are simply used to bully each other. Anyway, let us now expose Jo’s yaya.


She is Krizzy, the Yaya of Jo, but if I am doing a blog for Krizzy, my caption would be She is Jo, the Yaya of Krizzy.

Now I guess, you are already prepared to know who is this mean friend of Jo who did not greet her early, instead, greet her when it is time for Jo to treat her circle of friends.


It’s me! I love this picture of us, I wanted to pur this as my display picture but I don’t wanna crop her so I decided to let go of that dream.

Yes, I was the one who became mean that day not because I don’t love her but because I want it to be more special. You may think that I am having various reasons here for Jo not to get mad at me, but what I am telling is true, I have my reasons and I am now ready to reveal it. I remember when she saw my blog for Krizzy’s birthday and she commented on my Facebook post saying she wanted to have the same too, and I told her, “okay sa birthday mo”, and there, I planned not to greet her because I want to state everything here. By simply allocating my time here though it is my prelim exam week (oh no, hindi kita kinokonsensya :)), I guess it is enough to compensate on the damage I have done with her feelings. I planned to put up this entry not just because she requested it from me but because she is one of the special people in my life, and I can not afford the days to pass without doing a blog for her.

JO is SOMEONE who is..

1.like B2- Jo is my vocal side. If you are close to us you will easily understand it but if you are not, I will try to explain it. Whenever both of us are thinking about a reaction to anything, iniisip ko, iniisip rin pala niya. So remember Bananas and Pajamas? We are like that but the difference is, I only remain a particular thing on my mind, while she speak that particular thing to people. Even our friends get a little bit goose bumps whenever that’s happening, but I don’t know what kind of brains we have, all I know is, our brain cells are always working on both intelligible and nonsensical matters.


We got lots of pictures wherein we appear as each other’s background

2. Fashionable and Music addict

She is mix-matching outfits whenever she is in the mood, if not, a shirt and shorts will do. What she is always telling to us, we should always be prepared because we’ll never know when will we see our crush or any man of our life.

As a music addict, we are again the same. We love our playlist to be always updated, we less talk whenever we are in the bus because our earphones are doing their business, and most of our taste in music is very very the same. A little trivia, whenever she is using her iTouch for sounds, she normally put the volume into the maximum level, I wonder how her ears manage it.


OTD ang peg!

3. Smart,Wise, Classy Chic

She loves surfing the web for random information that’s why her stock knowledge is very fruitful(suddenly I can’t think of more appropriate word :D)000 As a Microbiology student in UST, Krizzy and I are really encouraging her to pursue Medicine because of our personal reasons, and that would be a dirty lil secret. As a lovely lady, she deal with the boys in an intelligent manner, meaning, heart is still important for her but feelings are just on the mind, dealing with boys is like voting WISELY. As a normal person, she behaves with class, as what every woman should do. Way back she was involved with petty fights but she is not the type of gal who quarrel publicly, she uses her mind and ideas to deal with the conflict intelligently.


Our future Doctor! Heyeyeyy, kaibigan namin yan!

4. Jolly, Crazy, and VERY VERY (excuse me for this Jo) PRANING and OLDIES!

She doesn’t like corny jokes but she is able to make us happy on her simple ways. As what the song goes, it comes naturally! She fond taking photo of her with those crazy poses and upload it to Facebook. She is more delighted seeing her iTouch filled with those wacky shots than serious. To keep her private life, I will not discuss the last two adjectives, misteryosa ang peg! But, seriously Praning and Oldies siya, (I think I deserve a slap here), I should not include this since this is for her birthday but if only I can reveal the reasons, I would love to, but you know it’s better if you ask her, like, “JO, bakit ka PRANING? BAKIT KA OLDIES?VERY VERY PERFECT!:)





She values her family so much. If there is someone who is always in full swing to go back to the province, that is her. She makes sure her gift for her dad or mom during birthdays or Christmas will be the best gift ever. She has this darling affection with her siblings even though sometimes they have small fights. Even on her favorite nephew, she always tell us how nice and loving Joaquin is, and since they are look-alike, napagkakamalan siya na mother ni Joaquin, but it doesn’t insult her, rather, it made me more feel cloud nine.




*Sorry I can’t find a phot of you and DADDY GENERAL, also with your SKINNY ATE. Naka-private kasi albums mo teh!:))

Of course, she is also VERY LOVING to her friends. Whenever someone has problems, she is there to tell advice and most especially to protect us. She treats us like her super real sisters to whom she undoubtedly give her trust. Personally, I appreciate the things she have done to me, like whenever I am sick she tells me to drink medicine, if ma-late na ko for school she reminded me, she help me on some of my homework, she listen to my stories and do not tolerate me,she do things for me whenever I am busy, and so many other things na di mo aakalain na si JO pala un. JOKE! HAHA, But kidding aside, she is SOMEONE who can never be like ANYONE.


I decided to post this gift of Mara because I am having a hard time to think of best picture that will include everyone of us, if you guys know what I mean. 🙂 But I bet, you know 🙂

So to the girl who thought I did not remember her birthday, this is for you. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! As what the cliche goes, don’t ever ever change because I love you just the way you are! (SABAW!) Anyway, I am very thankful because I got to have deeper relationship with you (sound lesbo), I mean, we became closer, we became more open to each other. Always remember, your Mama Sarah is here to defend you from anyone else. Even others may look you as if they don’t know you, don’t even bother to care, because we are here, I am here who knows the truth.


You will always be the one who will be the topic of Krizzy and I every night, the one we bully whenever you are doing those crazy and old stuffs, and who will always give spotlight to you while you are sleeping just. If struggles may come, don’t hesitate to let me know, both of us will fight in a classy manner and beat them with our ideas rather than trash talks.Just a little request, do not forget about your health, I don’t wanna see that NUDE lipstick again (I know you know what I mean). You are the ONE Jo Avery!


Sisters On Tour

Plans are meant to be broken?

Summer Vacation is time to unwind with families and friends. Of course everything should be balanced. There should be time for family, there should be time for friends. To make the get together more exciting and to avoid dull moments, Planning 101 is badly needed…but as the cliche goes, “do not plan anything because it will not happen”.Yes that is totally right! That particular line is very suited to my circle of friends. We PLANNED A LOT but due to some circumstances, goodbye plans! But i still don’t want to mention those, since we are still hoping that one day it will happen, and if that happened, i will never doubt to post it here.

Planning is organizing things, ideas, and time. It will avoid trouble, it will let you have a back-up if things messed out, but depending on your planned activities will lead you nowhere. I mean, there are times when you just want to enjoy a certain moment which is not part of what you have planned. There are also times when you are no longer interested on what you have planned. To make things simple, most of the times you just want to go with the flow. As what I always heard, most of the unplanned things always happen. Like for instance, you are having a conversation with a friend then she said “let’s watch a movie”, or “let’s hangout”, without thinking twice you replied “sure”, there you go! You will enjoy each other’s company.

You know what, sometimes, it is not about the place or time, what matters most is the people you are with.

April 26,2012, my sisterfriends and I had our tour in one of the famous places in the Philippines, and that is Intramuros in Manila. Of all the places we planned to visit, our shoes brought us here. Indeed, It is more fun in the Philippines!


We called ourselves ‘feeling turista”.LOL


(Shades is a must!- Jac-Mara-Krizzy-Odin-Jo)

Unfortunately, time was not enough to visit the museum in Fort Santiago, thus, we just rode on a “kalesa”. This is one of my simplest dreams, to ride on a kalesa, and a big thanks to them since they have fulfilled one of my dreams.



As we roamed around, we got to see old buildings. I know i don’t need to lecture you about Intramuros since all history subjects already done their part to feed your brain about certain information. Words cannot express the beauty of its surroundings,thus, I will let you peek on the photos I have captured during the kalesa tour.




This place is so COOL! There are lots of awesome teens who are into skateboarding. Forgive me, I was not able to capture since the horse was fast (put to blame : )


Manila Cathedral. This is under construction so for those who wanted to visit, sorry guys.


I just wanted to capture this part of the Manila Cathedral, and while I was scanning the photos, i got to read the significant post. I love it! and I really agree! “No to RH bill”.


Palacio Del Gobernador. This used to be the Malacanang Palace many years ago, but now, this is the COMELEC.


Of course, souvenir shops for the tourists. Forgive me again, I did not have a photo of what’s inside but just so you know, you will find there jewelry which will shock you when it comes to the price. I mean, I think it is not worth it.

Before leaving, i requested to the “kutchero” if we can have a picture together and he said yes and I got a chance to wear his hat inspired by Bruno Mars.


We decided to go inside the church and pray but unfortunately as what I have said earlier, the church is under construction. So to kill the time, sisterfriends to camwhores.




A man said “kuhanan ko kayo”, Odin was hesitant to gave Mara’s SLR because the man might snatch it, but we noticed that the man has an assistant whose taking also a photo of us, thus we let the man to capture us using Mara’s SLR. We thought he was just playing around, he told us to pose like this, like that, then upon seeing the photos, WOW! We never thought that he was able to do it for just a second or what. Then suddenly we realized, ahhhh..he is a photographer in this place that’s why he has an assistant and he was able to produce this kind of photo.


We are five right?Someone is missing. Where’s Odin? Ooops, I just want you to know that this was taken by Odin. We all love this picture. It was like we are in a commercial, thus we realized, omgsh, what commercial models are doing is no sweat!( punch me please).

Anyway, we enjoyed the day! We walked a lot but everyone was still on high because whenever we are together, the word ‘tired” is suddenly out of our vocabulary.

Planned or unplanned, as long as you are with them, anything will do.


I do not need to look elsewhere, since with them my heart is delightful, or if ever there is a chance to look somewhere else but they are not on that place, I will definitely not go, because we were used to be “package”, as one.

This tour was not planned but it turned out well. Of course, we are not taking a way the plans we made.

One day, on the right time, it will definitely happen.