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While thinking about the paper I am going to submit in Philippine Political Dynamics that will serve as our Final exam, I looked at my recent entries on the said subject, and I found this. I have this guts to share it with you since I believe on everything I’ve stated there, and I was really shocked upon receiving my grade on that paper because I rushed it since my friends and I needed to go somewhere and unwind that night.

There are several people who waited for the SONA and I was absolutely one of them. To tell you the truth, before I did not bother myself with the President’s speech but as I became aware of the realities in our country, I realized that hearing the President is one of the significant responsibilities of a Filipino because it will present you proofs if ever you are skeptical about the developments that are happening on the President’s regime.

Since there was no class when SONA was aired on the television, I got to watched it from the beginning up to the end. Honestly, I am not a supporter of PNoy because I do not see any reason for him to state these words “tuwid na daan”. We all know that he wanted to remove the corrupt officials to finally have this straight path towards development and all this time I thought that eradicating corrupt officials is the only thing he is giving focus on, until I watched his SONA and found out that he had made various advancements from what was left by Arroyo’s period, and that was the time I regretted myself for thinking that he could not be the best President our country could have. In my assessment, I agree with his points highlighted in the speech  like the issue in the South China Sea wherein we should not give up what is really ours. In my view, that statement is correct, since as a leader he should be seen as someone who fights for the country’s territorial integrity and strengthen the beliefs of hopeless people who easily gave up the fight to China and other involved countries. Another, I have the same opinion with PNoy when he said that we can forgive but we cannot forget on what Arroyo have done that caused turbulence in our country. What GMA have done were not just simple conflicts that could easily be solved, rather it affected the lives of Filipinos that made them stuck on poverty and even lose what supposedly theirs, so what I mean here is the “Kaban ng bayan” which was corrupted by Arroyo. I also applauded him for saying at the end of his speech “what was once impossible is now possible”, because there were several people who do not believe on the capabilities of PNoy even at the start of his regime, but as time progressed, he proved that he could make everything happen just with the cooperation of the people. Even me, I was surprised of the things he have enumerated though honestly I was little bit doubtful on the statistics that he showed because if I was him I will not make it very specific because the opponents could use that in the future to measure against him if ever he will not accomplish it on time or if there were things not done as he step down his presidency, but I have already put my trust with our president because if I will continue to find objectionable to his presidency then what if other people are thinking the same way too, it will  not help the country. What PNoy needs is our support to make the things he enumerated possible. I once lost hope for the country because of distrusting the capabilities of the government but watching the SONA made me become PNoy’s proponent. There are people saying that his SONA did not tackle about what the society is really facing, and that is poverty, but as I always believe, EVERYTHING SHOULD NOT BE BLAMED IN THE GOVERNMENT ALONE, because everyone has their own responsibilities on their own lives, and PNoy already showed what he have been doing for the country to be progressive again. He made it possible for the Philippines to rise again and it will illuminate more with unity of Filipinos towards a set of goals.—JspJ



I am planning to go back to Manila on Wednesday morning since my class will start on 12:00 pm,but yesterday I received a message from our PRO that our block is required to attend a seminar, so obviously my plan was wrecked but in a lighter note, the seminar is very useful for my course. At first I am thinking how to encourage my blockmates to attend until there was a follow-up message that we MUST not ignore the invitation because it will serve as an attendance in our major subject, “South Asia”under Sir Ernie Mabahague, so I guess it will not be a pain in the ass to think for a reason because it is clear, ATTENDANCE IS A MUST!  So now let me give you the details and hope to see you there ASIANS, ARTLETS, and THOMASIANS!

(source: Asian Studies Society)

The Asian Studies Society
in collaboration with
National Youth Commission

A seminar on “Preservation of ASEAN Culture: The Role of Youth in Fostering its Cultures and Tradition”


Date: August 22, 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 7am-12pm
Venue Tan Yan Kee Auditorium (Fourth Floor), UST
1) Julius Caesar Flore
Director, ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) Division2) Anna Karina Jardin
Founder and President, Artistikong Kabatan Philippines, Inc.

3) Georgina P. Nava
Luzon Commissioner, National Youth Commission

4) Ivan Anthony Henares
Fellow, Asia 21

This will be the second seminar  I will attend for this school year , so looking forward to the information it will provide for the audience most especially to Asian majors. Hope to see you there!

A Tour To Remember

Not everyone was given a chance to be part of the 2012 AB CAMPUS TOUR that’s why when I was offered to be part of the Campus Tour for freshies of Asian Studies, I didn’t think twice. Together with my classmates, we toured 1ASN2 and it made me think about the moments way back in first year, when I was being toured by people I don’t know. Those times when I was afraid to roam around because I might get lost, but now, I was the one touring them, acting this very-mabait-na-ate, and making myself sound very knowledgeable about the places in UST. Fortunately, I survived their questions, and a big thanks to the papers containing all necessary information about our university.


As I reminisced the past, it just came to show that time is really fast, I am already a junior, then later on senior. Oh my tone here seems to be so excited to finish my degree, fast forward please!

Anyway, I was fortunate to handle 1ASN2, they were all nice, some of them surpassed my “kalog’ side, and they even had this cheer “NANANANA! TAKE YOUR HEAD OFF!”. Their confidence seemed to show that they are not freshmen, they are not new to the campus, rather, all of them are perfectly part of the Thomasian community. It was a very tiring day but still I enjoyed. At least, I have done something for my course and most importantly,it was another college experience for me.


STRONG Leadership Training Seminar
(Strengthening Organizational Network for Good Governance)

Learn to accept that we cannot do everything alone. Asking questions or asking for help is not wrong.

Do not let your emotions dominate your leadership.

Study should be the first priority because you did not enroll in the university just to major extra curricular activities and just to be a student council.

Love what you are doing.Be confident enough to face people.

If your project went well, be proud of it. Ang problema sa mga Pilipino, itinatanggi o kinakahiya ang isang bagay na maganda naman kinalabasan.

Respect everyone’s opinion.What if their suggestions are better than yours, right?


You are not a slave, you are a leader to guide your members.

Learn how to trust people.

Be a model to everyone.Kung ikaw palang pasaway na,ano pa aasahan mo sa iba.

Be sensitive to the needs of others.Hindi dapat tayo namimili ng gusto lang natin tulungan and pakisamahan.

Thank Lord for giving you the chance to lead.

Lastly, know how to EME, KIMPER.Wag lang puro Peebeebeeteens! Or else, mamatay agad agad!! Hindi kami magaadjust for you. Turururut.

The best experience! The best way to start my acad year!

Anyway, patikim pa lang yan, whole awesomazin’experience will be posted in few days.

Go AB! STRONG! :”)

I Like It On The…

Facebook status update: I like it on the floor, I like it on the bed. Sounds familiar? Boys gone wild thinking what those updates meant, until it was revealed, alright, another girl thing!

Ladies have their own weapons and powers. They make it sure that those will be on safety mode or else their day without it will be ruined. Putting it into place will help one to keep her eyes peeled if ever someone attempts to take it away from her. These powers and weapons I am talking about are more than telepathy, telekinesis, telescopic vision, and many others just like what the recent blockbuster show in theaters strutted, The Avengers. Let me now reveal to you what I am trying to say, it is about the arms of a woman everyday that makes them jiggy all the way, like make-up kits, comb, cellphone, wallet, and if you are into schooling and most especially if you are the brainy one, school stuffs are your priority. Those things should be in a proper place everyday. Who wants to rush anyway? Or state this famous line “owem i forgot something”. But as girls, we do not only think of a place that is suited for our valuables, we also look for its sleeky style.

Whether we like it or not, summer is about to end. Be ready to say bye bye to those sunkissed beauty, bikinis, and chilling moments because hell-O school again.

So for students most especially for women who still don’t have idea what bag to use this school year, I prepare some bags for you to handle those girly stuffs and school cool thingy.

Remember gals, this is for your powers and weapons.We can’t afford to be like guys who can save their whole school year using one or two types of bags. So figure now what kinds of bags will make your academic year perky and make your classmate stutter seeing you using the bag she’s yearning for. Just so you know, these are not those LVs of the momma of our boxing champ but I assure you that these are not the typical bags you see everywhere, I mean, settling for bags that within a week or two, uh-oh…broken!Rather, these are high quality products and these are not too expensive but not too cheap, your pockets can deal with it I guess, but be sure, say little compliments first to your mom to be able to gain money but the most important of all, these will definitely make you trendy and so fashionista chic despite that nerdy life.

Choose bags depending on the things you need to bring, your outfit, the place you are going, and most especially, nothing beats being comfy handling it. Be ready to be the boomtown of your university, someone like whoa! Happy shopping!







Hobo Bag


Athletic Bag

Messenger Bag

Baguette Bag


Sling Bag



Unknown Bag( I dunno what family it belongs 🙂

Shoulder Bag (for teeny get-up)

Vintage Bag(one of my faves)


School uniforms or even your casual get-up will turned out to stunning-oh-you if you mixed up with bags which do not only hold the important details of your life but also define your personality.

Just make sure that you care and love them tenderly, don’t just put it anywhere. You must protect them the way they are eyeing your bits and pieces. So now, where do you like to put it? 🙂