Hello there!
I’m Joy Jacinto who was born on 1992.
Elementary and Highschool days exposed me on writing and photojournalism. I became part of our campus paper and competed on various press conferences. Since then, I was able to express my self more and it is just that i cannot take away the feeling of wanting to write.
I blog things that interest me and of course my personal experiences. You may suggest anything that you want. I will gladly make it for you.
Now I am currently studying in University of Santo Tomas(Manila,Philippines) and taking up BA major in Asian Studies.
I am really fond of Creative Writing though in my course we are required to learn Academic Writing which is formal,and since this blog is not school related so I guess I will not be reprimanded for using informal/slang words.
I aspire to become a diplomat since that’s one of the futures of my course, but I guess blogging will be forever in my system.
Whether I sound formal or informal,one thing is for sure, it is legit to express through words my opinions and feelings.
Blogging is not only dandy, it is precious than ever, happiness forever.
If you want to email something, you can send your message at

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