STRONG Leadership Training Seminar
(Strengthening Organizational Network for Good Governance)

Learn to accept that we cannot do everything alone. Asking questions or asking for help is not wrong.

Do not let your emotions dominate your leadership.

Study should be the first priority because you did not enroll in the university just to major extra curricular activities and just to be a student council.

Love what you are doing.Be confident enough to face people.

If your project went well, be proud of it. Ang problema sa mga Pilipino, itinatanggi o kinakahiya ang isang bagay na maganda naman kinalabasan.

Respect everyone’s opinion.What if their suggestions are better than yours, right?


You are not a slave, you are a leader to guide your members.

Learn how to trust people.

Be a model to everyone.Kung ikaw palang pasaway na,ano pa aasahan mo sa iba.

Be sensitive to the needs of others.Hindi dapat tayo namimili ng gusto lang natin tulungan and pakisamahan.

Thank Lord for giving you the chance to lead.

Lastly, know how to EME, KIMPER.Wag lang puro Peebeebeeteens! Or else, mamatay agad agad!! Hindi kami magaadjust for you. Turururut.

The best experience! The best way to start my acad year!

Anyway, patikim pa lang yan, whole awesomazin’experience will be posted in few days.

Go AB! STRONG! :”)


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