I Like It On The…

Facebook status update: I like it on the floor, I like it on the bed. Sounds familiar? Boys gone wild thinking what those updates meant, until it was revealed, alright, another girl thing!

Ladies have their own weapons and powers. They make it sure that those will be on safety mode or else their day without it will be ruined. Putting it into place will help one to keep her eyes peeled if ever someone attempts to take it away from her. These powers and weapons I am talking about are more than telepathy, telekinesis, telescopic vision, and many others just like what the recent blockbuster show in theaters strutted, The Avengers. Let me now reveal to you what I am trying to say, it is about the arms of a woman everyday that makes them jiggy all the way, like make-up kits, comb, cellphone, wallet, and if you are into schooling and most especially if you are the brainy one, school stuffs are your priority. Those things should be in a proper place everyday. Who wants to rush anyway? Or state this famous line “owem i forgot something”. But as girls, we do not only think of a place that is suited for our valuables, we also look for its sleeky style.

Whether we like it or not, summer is about to end. Be ready to say bye bye to those sunkissed beauty, bikinis, and chilling moments because hell-O school again.

So for students most especially for women who still don’t have idea what bag to use this school year, I prepare some bags for you to handle those girly stuffs and school cool thingy.

Remember gals, this is for your powers and weapons.We can’t afford to be like guys who can save their whole school year using one or two types of bags. So figure now what kinds of bags will make your academic year perky and make your classmate stutter seeing you using the bag she’s yearning for. Just so you know, these are not those LVs of the momma of our boxing champ but I assure you that these are not the typical bags you see everywhere, I mean, settling for bags that within a week or two, uh-oh…broken!Rather, these are high quality products and these are not too expensive but not too cheap, your pockets can deal with it I guess, but be sure, say little compliments first to your mom to be able to gain money but the most important of all, these will definitely make you trendy and so fashionista chic despite that nerdy life.

Choose bags depending on the things you need to bring, your outfit, the place you are going, and most especially, nothing beats being comfy handling it. Be ready to be the boomtown of your university, someone like whoa! Happy shopping!







Hobo Bag


Athletic Bag

Messenger Bag

Baguette Bag


Sling Bag



Unknown Bag( I dunno what family it belongs đŸ™‚

Shoulder Bag (for teeny get-up)

Vintage Bag(one of my faves)


School uniforms or even your casual get-up will turned out to stunning-oh-you if you mixed up with bags which do not only hold the important details of your life but also define your personality.

Just make sure that you care and love them tenderly, don’t just put it anywhere. You must protect them the way they are eyeing your bits and pieces. So now, where do you like to put it? đŸ™‚



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