Heat Plus Beat

Finger snapping, head banging, feet stamping

I am always fond of music, but I am blushing if I found something that is not yet overrated, or still not discovered by many either it’s new or out-dated.

Summer is time for fun, of course, no party poopers allowed! But it would be wilder if it would be accompanied by a song that would not only rock your mind, but also feel the sand through its every beat rather than the usual tone of your summer.

Simple Plan, a French-Canadian pop punk band collaborated with the famous Somali-Canadian rapper K’naan produced this awesomazin track which really caught my heart. They have released this last December 13, 2011 in Australia, but last February 28, 2012 they released it worldwide.

In fact, this was inspired by the pleasurable past time of the vocalist, Pierre Bouvier, and what I am talking about is, SURFING. That sounds so dandy!

Actually I don’t know how to surf, I haven’t tried it though but watching the video will really let you see how beautiful summer is. I am also enchanted by its genre which is a combination of reggae and ska punk. I bet you, when you heard reggae the first name that will come to your mind is……MRAZ! and yes, I love him too. Ska punk is very new to me, but as a little background it is more focused on using electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, and many more. I can’t really explain that to you since it’s definitely new to me.

I am wondering why I did not find it on the Hot 100 of Billboard.com. I always visit that site since I love to hear new tracks and add it on my playlist so why?? I am bothered now.You know what, this song is so amazing, I guess when my ears are already tired of it, it will sweep its way to the top

So I think I said enough, I will leave you that track which definitely keeps me alive this summer. Download it now, add to your playlist, and keep on chilling. Take note, summer is about to end, every second matters.



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