On the Edge

It is hard to decide. It is tough to accept the truth, your choice, especially if the things happening around you are so obscure. Inevitably we also hurt and disappoint one another, because we are incomplete and unfinished, always moving and changing as long as we are alive.

I am looking for words to express a sense of responsibility for a fellow human being, words for all the different shades, nuances and understandings of affection, solidarity, caring. I am looking for words to express the terrifying and wonderful experience of trusting another person, to express why it is necessary and good to take that risk – for it is indeed a serious risk.

This world of chances gives us enough sympathy on whatever life may bring. There are times that you are in the mood on talking about nonsensical things with the people you used to be with but on the other hand you don’t know where you will put your grin whenever someone asked you to go out. Actually, these matters can confuse every one of us especially if we don’t have comprehensive way of thinking. Sometimes just to escape the unfeigned score we learn how to ignore every little thing that is happening. We smile even if we are already wounded just to show that we value the foundation of all and that is between one hello and a stunning smile.

There are times that despite of all the trash talks, resentments, and mix-ups, the bond never breaks but when you let cupid hit you then sure-fire what you have started will start to burn out that even the silence kills you so much. So therefore, should you let cupid strike you by his arrow especially if you are certain that in the end everything will fall into pieces? These pieces will be scattered and will let you perspire for picking up and start all over again to build up a friendship that once became so sweet and there is an assurance that forever is true but in an intimate love, forever is sham.

Making up your mind is very risky if you need to face the reality whether you’ll stay wearing the friendship bracelet or your partner’s ring. Ring not because of this age that range to 16 to 17 is already planning to get married but because we all know that a ring symbolizes love. Fate will be so frivolous if it wants you to select only one if we all know we can both choose but the ending will never become as bright as the stars in the sky.

Giving up will always mark a new change whether we like it or not. Clearly, if you have noticed, love whether for friends or special someone has a greater extent to cutback but the care for both will never be reduce because once in our lives although we are deep in the rut we have experienced to cover ourselves with grin even if we are uncertain if it’s because you got a chum or you a got a lover.



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