Sweet Mom of Mine

Thinking of posting another blog about childhood, so I get the photo albums to look for some photos which I can add to my post, but while I am in the mode of reminiscing the old days, one picture fell down that made me forget my thoughts about the “childhood blog”.


If I am not mistaken, that picture was taken during my graduation when I was in Grade 4. I look so SEXY there, if you get what I mean.

Anyway, my body figure way back is not important, what caught my attention is the note written at the back of the photo.


“Kita mo Ampy, medal taun-taon yan

natikman ko maging scholar si Joy

kasarap pala ng marunong ang anak

Ampy, sikat sa school, palaging kasama sa program, kaya lang kagastos”

We used to send photos from here to abroad.Through reading that, I found out that this photo was for my Tita in Italy. Obviously, mommy planned to send it to her but I don’ t know why it is here, that was so old-fashioned but no one should be blamed since, before, writing letters was very “in”, but now, I wonder how many people are still giving their time to write and go to a mail office to send a letter for their loved ones. Technology makes most of the things instant to the point that one text, mms, email away, there you go! Loved ones received what you want to convey, but I guess, writing letters is still sweeter.

But there will be no sweeter than what my mommy wrote and I know every child wants to make their Momma proud (that reminds me of a band huh), and fortunately, I did it, but it does not mean that I will already stop aiming high for myself and for them since way back, i already made them proud. Of course, as long as I am alive, I will not be tired doing things that will let them say “Proud kami sayo”, and if a child hears that, Omgsh! Heaven!! All the exhaustion and sufferings you underwent will be all removed.

We only got one life, lucky you, if you got many, but as long as you are breathing, as long as opportunity is knocking, give the best shot! After all, people who raised you will not think of how much they spent and what did they experience jjust to meet your needs, most especially in school.

We all want to make our parents proud. We all want to hear and see how they are proud of us. It is something that you need to work out. It is something between parents and children because I know that if you ask a child “who is your inspiration to strive hard?”, most of them will answer “my parents”, thus, parents are there to motivate, and children are there to give back what their parents deserve.

Again, Make your Momma Proud! In reciprocate to that is a feeling of satisfaction and HAPPINESS.

As you make them proud, be grateful to the Lord who gave you all the instruments to succeed. For you will not succeed on your own, you will always need HIS light to obtain your goals.



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